Heist School

Heist School

Learn how to get started with hacking and with Sticker Heist.

Last few tips on the Scenario page are very important:

With these in mind lets look at the hacking process.

The Hacking Process

Though not every hacking engagement will be the same, overall there is a flow to hacking.  This flow (Figure 1) will help when approaching the heist.  There may be times when these main "bubbles" overlap and you'll be going back to a previous step based on new findings.

The "Pivot"

At times the initial access gained may not be the goal.  Using the foothold gained you may end-up going back to recon and the process.  This is commonly called pivoting. 

As a part of pivoting you may end-up jumping between many of the first three phases of the hacking process.  It can feel chaotic, and not all vulnerabilities may be exploitable as initially thought.  It can be very fail and try again process.  Keeping notes on the outcomes may be of value.  Also searching for how to do stuff is also normal.

The "Googling"

You will end-up searching on some of the discoveries.  Don't expect to know it all and its ok to search "what is SSH" .. "how do I use Linux command line" .. "how to FTP" .. etc.   Educating yourself is a big part of this process.

Don't forget you are part of a team.  Sharing ideas and findings is an important part of the hacking process.


To work the heist you will need:

The Kali Tool site is very helpful is seeing what some of the tools do.

Areas of Knowledge 

Some knowledge is these areas will help: