Scenario for the challenge

Sticker Heist

In the not-too-distant future, laptop stickers are the new global currency, and you've just gotten your hands on a safe full of them. The safe is locked for now, but its security system is no match for your team's hacking skills. Your mission: hack into the security system, disable the alarms, and pull off the heist of a lifetime... but you're already running short on time.

Can you pull off the Sticker Heist?


  • Find a way to get through the locks and disable the security protecting these valuable stickers.

  • Success allows each team member to choose and keep one sticker (we need to be sure we don’t alert Sticker HQ, and an empty vault will do just that).

  • This is a mission of stealth. To avoid being caught, we need to follow a few rules...


  • You can not unplug power (this will set off alarms at Sticker HQ) or power off any individual systems.

  • No destruction of any system components (i.e. clipping wires, rewiring, removing); again, this will set off alarms at HQ. Remember, stealth is key!

  • No physical modification of any hardware.


  • Work together.

  • Reconnaissance is essential: collect data on the target.

  • Look at everything, as you never know what you may find that will help.

Good luck, agents!