NSF Funded

Three-year grant starting 10/1/2023.

Award Number: 2301202

Principle Investigator: Mike Libassi

Implementing Game-Based Learning to Enhance Training for Cybersecurity Technicians and Recruit a Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce 


Develop a hands-on learning and recruitment tool to meet current and emerging cybersecurity workforce needs in southwest Ohio and the nation. 



Major Grant Activities First Year

Sticker Heist Interest

Sign up form (at Sinclair Office 365) if you are interested in getting a Sticker Heist kit when they become widely available. 

Sign-up Form


Summer Work (June 2024) 

Grant team, JEC and I are close to final design for the first run of boxes.  I'll post what it will look like when we hit a milestone in design.  Setting-up laptops, code and system testing in lab and getting orders together for the kits for the October "Heist School" event.   Stay Tuned for more info.



Part of the Sticker Heist Kit is a laptop.  We've been installing and configuring these for the October event.  

These Lenovo IdeaPad 1i (14” Intel) Laptop's get Linux Mint XFCE (or Fedora Security lab based on the WiFi chipset).  

Reference documents, and few apps (nmap, dirb, Wireshark) that are used in the heist.

Grant Partner with JEC

It's been great partnering with Journy Electronic Corp on key aspects of Sticker Heist.  PCB and box design and production.



4/23/24 - We got the 20 laptops for the basic heist kits.  They are Lenovo Ideapad 1 Laptop 14" display.

Installed Linux Mint XFCE edition (with Wireshark, nmap, etc.) customer wallpaper and reference PDFs on first.  Will setup rest over next month, or so.

PCB are Alive

4/5/2024 - JRE arrived at the lab with first PCB. Great mome to see a vison come to life.  Thanks JRE!

Hack Dayton 4/5 Event

4/5/2024 - Ran first run of medium mode at the Friday event Hack Dayton event (ran by Strong Crypto Innovations).

Challange Modes

3/28/2024 - All three challenge modes are done.  Will test new Arduino code on new PCB then incorporate that into the images.  For now, all three work with current code base.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Close to first run!

JEC sent me this on Friday March 15th, 2024.  Very excited to get these in my hands.

Cyber Heist Lab

Lab Setup

Centerville Room 104 is now the Sinclair Cyber Heist Labs.

Print and Assembly 

Coding and Testing

Parts and office workspace.