NSF Funded

Three-year grant starting 10/1/2023.

Award Number: 2301202

Principle Investigator: Mike Libassi

Implementing Game-Based Learning to Enhance Training for Cybersecurity Technicians and Recruit a Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce 


Develop a hands-on learning and recruitment tool to meet current and emerging cybersecurity workforce needs in southwest Ohio and the nation. 



Major Grant Activities First Year


Grant Partner with JEC

It's been great partnering with Journy Electronic Corp on key aspects of Sticker Heist.  PCB and box design and production.


Lab Setup

Centerville Room 104 is now the Sinclair Cyber Heist Labs.

Started to Setup - October 2023

Slowey getting lab equipment and heist supplies.

Loney Chair - October 2023

New lab chair for soldering and assembly beach (to go on that empty wall).. also new 3D printer.  More to come.

Printer Arrived - 11/6

Will keep in the box until I get the bench .. its 70 lbs.!

Rest of lab equipment arrived - 11/8

Cart, tool an assembly bench.

Lab Setup Started - 11/13

From unboxing on 11/8 to assembly 

Lab Status - 11/13

Assembly done and started to re-organize.   Got the new 3d printer setup and it does powerup.  Next level and run a test print.

Lab Setup is Complete - 11/15/23

Print and Assembly 


Also got a full test print off new 3D printer.

Coding and Testing


Parts and office workspace.